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 Regarding the forum.

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PostSubject: Regarding the forum.   Sat May 17, 2008 6:04 am

Hello everyone. If you haven't seen the thread from yesterday that I posted, then I will retell you. I came back to get my forum started up again. Everyone else said they would help. It turned out that this forum couldn't get members because it was out of place. We had useless groups. Useless posts. Useless members. And the graphics didn't even match. This forum has fell in a ditch. I have to give Future 100% credit for trying to bring this forum back. He tried at least for five months. I have now made my decision. We are going to be moving to my new forum. It is going to be called Skate Today. If you saw my website then that has nothing to do with this forum. I changed my websites domain name to the forum's domain name. I will be making Future and Admin. The rest of the staff has to earn back their powers by being active and volunteering more for the new forum. The new forum will have better graphics, organized forums, a better infraction system, and loads more. There shall be no discussion on this because this is final.

The new forum's link:

See you there.
- Guin
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Regarding the forum.
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